Awakening of the senses
My photos are, more than anything else , about the kind of world I want to live in.
A world with quiet places of beauty, places of wonder , places that make me want to drink them deeply
                                         Saelon Renkes
The models discover that working with a woman photographer is quite a different experience than working with a man. They are more relaxed and open, naturally sensual and more prone to laugh and enjoy themselves. There is no undercurrent of sexual tnesion and the results are wonderful.
                                         Elisa Lazo DeSantos
In my photographs I am seeking answers to who I am and what I am to become.
I hope people see themselves reflected in my images. Reconnecting to a part of themsemves which often gets buries underneath the hectic routines of everyday life.             
                                         Jaeda DeWalt
I don't direct my models as much as help them express what they want to say about their bodies, their lives , their desires.
I can usually see mysemf in those images too. Perhaps all women are there , and these are the archetypes 
                                         Saelon Renkes